Where on earth are you?

We are located inside The Base, please enter through the main door at the front of the building, head up the stairs and we are the first door on the right.

The Base - Lunula Nails & Beauty

19 Enterprise Way

Jubilee Business Park


DE21 4BB

There is lots of parking available at the back of The Base, alternatively you can park on the road outside where there are gaps in the yellow lines or at the front of the industrial estate near yes electrical.

Cancellations, Card capture and No-Shows

The time booked for the client is reserved for the client’s exclusive use. When appointments are missed, or cancelled without sufficient notice, Lunula nails and beauty are often unable to fill the vacancy.

In order to book your appointment, we require your card details to be captured on our booking system. Card details are securely held by our payment system (Square) and are not viewable by the salon.

Your card will not be charged at the time of booking, however it will be charged in the event of a no-show or late cancellation. Cancellations between 48 and 24 hours of your appointment start time will be charged at 50% of the total appointment cost. Cancellations within 24 hours (or no-shows) will be charged at 100% of the total appointment cost.

Appointment reminders will be sent 72 hours before your appointment via text and email. Please confirm your appointment by replying with a Y to the text or following the instructions on the email, failure to do so may result in your appointment being cancelled. If you cannot make your appointment; please contact us as early as possible to avoid your card being charged.

Texting, calling, emailing, messaging via Instagram or Facebook are not accepted forms of cancellation, it must be done via the booking system or calling/texting 07507600609. Links to cancel or reschedule are at the bottom of every confirmation email.

We reserve the right to ask for payment in full before a booking will be made. If this is done, this amount will be treated the same as a non-refundable booking fee and will be retained in proportion to the above late cancellation charges (50% for cancellations between 48-24 hours and 100% for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment start time).

If no booking fee or card capture is taken and you cancel within 48 hours, we reserve the right to ask for a late cancellation charge of 50% (or 100% if you cancel within 24 hours) of the total appointment cost, then payment in full in advance, to book any future appointments.

If you do not show for your appointment and haven’t contacted the salon, you may be removed from the online booking system. Please contact us to book a new appointment, we will require payment in full, in advance of any new appointment.

​Property Loss or Damage

It is your responsibility as the owner, to take care of any property you bring into the salon. We take no responsibility for any property which is lost or damaged, unless it is damaged by a member of the team due to carelessness. Anything left in the salon will be held for 8 weeks, we will do our best to contact you to retrieve your property.

​Other Terms & Conditions?

Some of our services/treatments will come with their own specific terms and aftercare. These will be highlighted individually either further down this page, upon booking, consultation or at your appointment.

It is up to each team members discresion to decide and enforce their own Terms & Conditions. Any issues, feedback or complaints must be taken up with your specific beauty professional.

How to Book

We prefer appointment bookings to be made online. However if you are unable to make your booking online you can contact us via text or phone call on 07507600609. Please note that we are usually busy with clients so may not be able to answer your calls straight away. We will return your communications at our next available opportunity.

We encourage clients to read all service descriptions carefully, and ensure that you have booked the correct treatment and enough nailart time has been booked for the desired result. Extra art time on the day will not be accommodated for.

If you’re not sure how much art time will be needed or have a question about booking please get in touch before booking goes live.

If no times are available on the calendar, clients can add themselves to an automated waitlist via the booking calendar.

Contact Information

In the event that incorrect contact information is provided, including, but not limited to, customer name, phone number, or email address, Lunula Nails and Beauty may not be held responsible for loss of correspondence, such as appointment confirmation or reminder messaging. In instances of incorrect or inaccurate contact information being provided, it is the client’s responsibility to identify these errors.

Booking Approvals

Your booking will not be approved until we have checked over your appointment and ensured you have enough time to achieve your desired results. If your appointment needs to be moved because of this, you will be notified via email.


It is the client’s responsibility to book appointments online to receive the maintenance required to have nail enhancements. If the client does not book in advance and cannot find an appointment, we will not be held responsible. A self service wait list is available through our booking system if the client wishes to wait for a cancellation time.

Change of Mind

We will not issue price adjustments/refunds for change of mind. The client must pay for the full amount of time booked out even if the client requests a reduced or changed service.

Right to Refuse Service

Lunula Nails and Beauty retains the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to: frequent cancellations, lateness, failure to comply with the policies included in this document.

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay for your treatment/s at the end of the appointment then we may pursue legal action.

Booking/Appointment details

On the odd occasion, appointments may be subject to change, we endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible, and will do whatever we can to ensure you can take the next available appointment.

What is a patch test, and why is it so important?

A patch test is required prior to any of our lash/brow treatments, on your first visit, in some circumstances we will request a patch test for certain wax treatments.

The patch test is to be provided 48 hours prior to your appointment; this is to ensure that you are not allergic to the products required to perform the treatment.

An additional patch test will be provided every 6 months to check for product sensitivity.

The patch test (product) will be applied behind the ear and left in situ for up to 24 hours, any itching, redness or increased sensation has to be communicated to us, failure to do so will mean your treatment cannot be performed.

Please refer to our opening times to arrange a patch test, an online client card will be filled out prior to your patch test.

Under no circumstances will any treatment be performed without a registered patch test.

On the other hand, our eyelash glue manufacturer no longer requires you to have a patch test before your treatment, as it is not possible to determine whether a person is allergic to the glue without having the full set of lashes. You can also develop an intolerance to lashes over time. However, if you would still prefer a patch test you are more than welcome to drop into the salon for one prior to your scheduled appointment.


We welcome and respect all genders, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid people, the entire spectrum of the LGBTQI+ Community, the elderly, people of colour, people at any level of ability, and all religions.

We will not tolerate hateful behaviour towards these communities, and will stop a service immediately if this policy is infringed upon. We implore clients to exercise compassion and kindness at our salon.

Clients are encouraged to reach out if they need a cultural or religious consideration made during their appointment.

Silent Service

We happily offer a Silent Service to anyone that requests it. Clients can request a Silent Service in their booking notes or contact us directly.

Age Limits

The sky's the limit when it comes to providing our services, however we have a duty of care to you to ensure that we meet our criteria.

With the exception of Baby Lu Mani and Pedi, which are for children aged from 4-10 years old, File and Polish (10 years +) and Peel it Gel Polish (12 years +) the rest of our treatment menu is for those aged 18 and above. Any one below the age of 16 requires a chaperone.

Am I able to bring my child/children to my appointment?

We would encourage you to arrange suitable childcare so you can make the most of your time. We understand the pressures of being a parent, time, spent just for you is as valuable at the treatment itself. The environment, due to equipment and products used, is not suitable for children and can cause injury.

If we haven't quite nailed it, and how long will my nails and lashes last?

We take every precaution to ensure that the application of our product lasts, however, there can be the occasion when there is an issue, we are here to rectify this, just let us know, within 3 days of your appointment this repair service will be free of charge, after that, there will be a £5 fee.

Nail enhancements should last up to 2-3 weeks, however this is very much dependent on aftercare, your technician will have explained this to you thoroughly during your treatment.

Seasonal changes and certain medications can compromise the longevity of your procedure.

We would recommend arranging for gel removal as we don't advise a gel product to be on for longer than 6 weeks, there will be extensive nail growth that will need attention.

Product removal

We only remove products applied by us.

Prior to booking any nail treatment please also arrange a soak off. Failure to do so could encroach on treatment application time.

We implement these guidelines, as we are an ethical salon, providing the best service to you.

Eye Treatments

Following our aftercare advice, lash extensions should last up to 2-3 weeks.

Lashes are ideal for a special occasion, holiday, wedding etc, changes in temperature and flying conditions can impact on their longevity, excessive heat can prohibit the product, and we recommend avoiding any excessive exercise 24 hours prior & post the treatment.

Lash lift/Brow Lamination - Following advised aftercare, a lash lift lasts around 6-8 weeks. It’s a much lower maintenance treatment than extensions and gives you a more natural look.

Brow tinting/HD Brow - Following advised aftercare, the brow tint lasts up to 4-6 weeks, we recommend avoiding the brow area and cleansing around the brows. We would recommend booking appointments between 4-6 weeks dependent on your hair growth.

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes, all of the products we use are supplied by cruelty free companies.