Nail Treatments

We offer a really wide range of different nail treatments and nailart options. We have created this easy to follow guide on our selections. But if you are still unsure what to book don’t hesitate to get in touch. All treatments include cuticle maintenance and filing/shaping of the natural nail. Prices can be found when you go through to our booking page.

If you have product on your nails that requires removing/soaking off before your new enhancements are applied, please ensure you add this to your booking. Failure to do so may encroach encroach on treatment application time.

You can choose from the following enhancements and finishes:

Which base would you like?

(All treatments include cuticle maintenance and filing/shaping of the natural nail)

Gel Polish

We use Cuccio Veneer gel polish for all our gel polish treatments. We adapt the treatment to suit you with a wide range of base coats and techniques to ensure the product lasts.

Peel off Gel Polish

‘Peel it!’ is a base for Cuccio Veneer Gel Polish which makes it 100% peel-able without causing any damage to the natural nail underneath.

Builder Gel

Great for weak, bendy nails that break easily. Calcium enriched builder gel works like a hard gel, great to grow your natural nails to any length that you desire. These can be infilled every 2-3 weeks.

Apres Gel X

Apres Gel X is a light weight enhancement that is tougher than it looks! It is the thinnest of all enhancements we offer, giving your nails a more natural look.

Acrylic overlay

This is an overlay of acrylic on your natural nail.

Acrylic Extensions

A tip is applied to the natural nail and then an overlay of acrylic is applied over the nail to strengthen the enhancement.

What finish would you like?

(We finish all our enhancements with gel polish and the following nailart options)


One solid colour of your choice (We have hundreds!)


Basix, with simple nailart on one nail per hand.


Classic French or have it in any colour that you fancy.


Simple nailart on more than one or all of your nails.Examples: Glitter, foil, stamping, dots, chrome, striping tape, decals, dry brushing, cuffs, simple lines, leopard print.


Something WOW on more than one or all of your nails. Or a mixture of advanced designs.Examples: Floral, stars, diamanté’s, ombre, cosmic, marble, inks, tortoise shell, tartan, framping.

Full Glitter

A full covering of a glitter in one colour on all of your nails.We have over a hundred to choose from!

All Prices can be found on the booking system

Lunula Nail Treatments Price List

Removal of Nail Enhancements

Includes cuticle maintenance, shaping of the natural nail and the application of nail strengthener.

Gel Polish Removal

From £18

Apres Gel X Removal

From £25

Acrylic Overlay/Extension Removal

From £25

Natural Nail Treatments

File and Polish

Overall review of nail health, cuticle work, file to desired shape and application of standard polish (not gel).

From £20

Baby Lu Mani/Mini Moon - 3 -10 years

15 min pamper for anyone from the age of 3-10 years. polish of choice with nail art.

From £12

Standard Manicure

Begins with a relaxing hand soak followed by an exfoliating scrub. Next, you'll enjoy a relaxing massage, a tidying of the cuticle, filing & buffing of the nails. Finished off with a Cuccio Colour Polish of your choice.

From £26

Luxury Manicure

All the steps of a standard manicure with an extended massage and mask. Finished off with a Cuccio Colour Polish of your choice.

From £36