Crescent Moon

This is a basic bikini wax - hair is removed only from outside of the knicker line, no intimate waxing.

From £16

Landing Strip (G-string/Advanced Bikini Wax)

Hair is removed from the front only, with a landing strip (size of your choice) left at the front, shaped like a Martini glass.

From £21

Full Moon (Brazilian Wax)

Most of the hair is removed, apart from a landing strip (size of your choice) at the front.

From £29

'Outer' Space(Hollywood)

All of the hair is removed from the front and back of the bikini area. An 'all off', as some like to call it.

From £31

Armstrong (Full Arm Wax)

Waxing of the entire arm, from shoulder to wrist.

From £21

1/2 Arm Wax

Waxing of either the upper or lower half of the arm.

From £16

Under the Moon (Underarm Wax)

From £11

Half Moon (1/2 Leg Wax)

From £16

3/4 Moon (3/4 Leg Wax)

From £21

Full Leg Wax

From £26

Full Leg & 'Landing' Strip

From £36

Star gazing (Navel)

From £7

Full Stomach Wax

From £16

Lower Back Waxing

From £11

Full Back

From £21


From £££

Cheek Wax

From £13

Lip Wax

From £6

Chin Wax

From £6

Lip + Chin Wax

From £11

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